Grinnell: Eating at the Dari Barn

Here’s something to do in Grinnell: eat at the Dari Barn!

The Dari Barn is a local Grinnell institution that specializes in products made of sugar and oil. With its huge menu full of ice cream and fried items, there is something for everyone, and if the high ratings on Yelp! are any indication, it is quite popular here in town.


The Menu

The menu is modified a bit each season (March to October) and you can reportedly order secret items that are unlisted. As a vegetarian, I didn’t find a whole lot of food for me. It might well be very good, but some of the things I have read online about the food make me think the ice cream is really your best bet. The ice cream selection will take me at least an entire season to work through. My favorite so far? I like the cookie dough cyclone.


According to the college newspaper, Pat and Bob Slagle ran the Dari Barn for 25 years before selling it in 2012 to Ginette and Ben McFarland. Ginette is Pat’s niece, and so the business at 1810 6th Avenue is still in the family. It’s nice to see that places like this are still around, and it is worth noting that while the Dairy Queen in town has closed, The Dari Barn remains a popular local destination.