Graduate Student Resources

This is a collection of Internet and print resources that have been helpful for me as a graduate student. The specific categories are aimed at students in East Asian studies and History. I want to thank the many students and faculty at Princeton and other schools who have suggested links.

General Advice

Writing and Research

Notetaking By Hand / Dictation


This section is woefully out of date. Nowadays I am working almost entirely on the iPad. I’ll eventually get around to updating this.

  • Notetaking Template (WORD): I think this is a nice format, especially for historians, if you take notes on a PC. You can also print it out and write directly onto it.
  • Keynote: Notetaking software.
  • Evernote: Notetaking software.
  • Scribe: Notetaking software.
  • Go Binder: Notetaking software.
  • BasKet: Notetaking software.
  • EndNote: Software for managing bibliographies. Free at some universities, expensive at others, but available for a nominal cost at Princeton.
  • RefWorks: Software for managing bibliographies. Most institutions, including Princeton, offer free access to this. I prefer this one because I can access it from anywhere, but it probably does not matter in the end, because you are supposed to be able to convert files to and from EndNote. You can find comparisons of their pros and cons online.
  • JWPce: a useful piece of software for Japanese language learners. See the Wikipedia page about it for more information.


Historiography / Bibliography

English Dictionaries

Japanese Dictionaries

Chinese Dictionaries


Print Resources

Conferences, Workshops, and Lecture Series

Getting a Job