DDWIN 電子辞書検索ソフト

Follow these directions to search through CD-ROM dictionaries on your computer using DDWIN, an electronic dictionary search program.


Pros and Cons of Conventional Paper Dictionaries

Personally, I love the look and feel of books. Not only that, but it seems like I retain more of the information when I can see it on a printed page and make notes in the margins. However, paper dictionaries have their drawbacks. Even on my best days I rarely have the time or energy to compare definitions for a term between more than two or three dictionaries. In addition, it would be impossible for me to locate every instance of a term in all of the example sentences in a dictionary.

Electronic Dictionaries

By installing electronic dictionaries into my computer, one search can show me definitions from multiple dictionaries, and I can also see every instance of the term in definitions and sample sentences. In addition, when used in conjunction with copy and paste or the IME Pad, electronic dictionaries allow me to look up the meanings for Japanese characters and words a lot more quickly.

Search Programs

I think DDWIN is one of the best freeware programs available, but if you are willing to pay about thirty dollars, “Jamming” seems to function a little better.

Using DDWIN (Windows)

  1. Download and install the latest version of DDWIN
  2. Right-click Start スタート and click Explorer エクスプローラ
  3. In the Start Menu スタートメニュー, click Local Disk ローカルディスク and make a new folder. I called mine “dictionaries”
  4. Insert a CD-ROM dictionary, but don’t install it. Instead,
    1. go to My Computer, right-click CD, and click Explorer エクスプローラ
    2. copy the files
    3. create a new folder inside the Local Disk ローカルディスク “dictionary” folder and paste the CD-ROM dictionary files into it
    4. repeat these steps until you’ve copied all of your dictionaries
  5. Start DDWIN, click Group グループ on the top toolbar, and click Edit new dictionary group 新書グループを編集
  6. Choose “C” for the Drive ドライブ, enter “5” for the search Depth 深さ, and click Drive Search ドライブサーチ
  7. After that, choose your dictionaries and press OK
  8. Click Tools ツール from the top toolbar and click Options オプション
  9. Select the 「検索ボタンで串刺し検索を行う」 check box, and you’re all finished!

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