Evernote Links: Getting Started

Evernote and its users have posted a lot of information about the application on the Internet. I’ve collected links some of the sites that I’ve found useful for getting started in each of the categories.

Getting Started


  • Evernote’s microsite for schools has information and links that would be useful to both students and educators.
  • Adam Green has written a blog post about using Evernote as a student working on a college degree.
  • Ryan Kessler shared on the Evernote blog how Evernote helped him in High School.
  • Ron Toledo (Evernote employee) posted on the Evernote blog with some tips for students.
  • Shawn Miller wrote in The Chronicle of Higher Education about how to use Evernote in academia.
  • Christopher Mayo (that’s me) has written a post about how teachers and students can use Evernote.

Keeping a Journal

  • Adam Zeis has shared a lot of ideas about using Evernote on Blackberry devices (the advice is applicable to other clients as well).
  • Jamie Rubin has a blog post about keeping a journal in real time.

Conducting Research

  • Nicomachus.net has four tips for using computers in your research.
  • Ask MetaFilter has a wide-ranging discussion about useful software.
  • J. Kevin Morton has an intriguing post comparing Evernote, Pages, and Scrivener.


  • The Secret Weapon (TSW) seems to be especially popular, and they have a beautifully crafted site for explaining their system.
  • Daniel Gold has several posts and even wrote a book about GTD and Evernote.
  • Hanami Design has written extensively about GTD and Evernote.
  • Fokke Kooistra has several blog posts with plenty of screenshots.
  • Adam Boettiger explains how to use Evernote as a Relationship Manager, not a Contact Manager.
  • Lindsay’s shared notebook contains several notes detailing how she uses Evernote with the GTD system.
  • Darren Crawford has written a post and provided a well-done, short video introducing his system.