Dan Gold Interview

Dan Gold contacted me in 2012 and asked if I would be willing to do an interview about how I use Evernote. I was honored to be asked, and happy to do it. Here is a link to the interview.

I have posted about my odd approach to organization, but I honestly did not think it would have a very wide appeal. I am glad to see that I was wrong.

Perhaps, like me, people are looking for a simple way to use the tremendous power of organizational applications like Evernote to manage the flood of information we receive in digital and paper formats without getting bogged down in organizational hierarchies. The conventional methods are too burdensome. I think of it as the difference between Yahoo!’s early approach to the Internet through the creation of lots and lots of pages categorizing the websites it indexed, and Google’s single page that relied instead on innovative search algorithms.

Just as I was inspired by Bill Lise, Noguchi Yukio, and others, my hope is that people will read about what I do and get ideas for their own organizational approaches.