The Ise-Japan Study Program 「伊勢」と日本スタディプログラム 2018

We have just completed the first week of the “Ise-Japan Study Program” 「伊勢」と日本スタディプログラム, a fully funded stay of about three weeks in Ise City 伊勢市 complete with lectures and field trips prepared for participants (graduate students (MA and PhD) and degree-holding researchers) by Kōgakkan University 皇學館大学 faculty members. Ise City and Kōgakkan University have worked together to hold the program from February to mid-March for the last five years, and we have been fortunate that some great researchers from all over the world have participated (see below for a list of participants and links to their SNS posts about the program).

“Historical Running Tour” 歴史ラン

Running through Ise isn’t an official part of the program, but interested participants can join me and my students for runs in the morning to get a little exercise while learning about historical sites. In today’s historical run, we went to see the sun rise behind the large torii that stands in front of Ujibashi Bridge, the entryway to Naikū 内宮 (the Inner Shrine).

SNS Posts

The participants in the program have written quite a lot and posted some beautiful photographs about the lectures and field trips. For previous years, see my posts for 2015, 2016, and 2017.