A Cup of Coffee in Ise 伊勢で一杯の珈琲

Japan has a thriving coffee-shop culture, and we’ve got plenty of places here in Ise 伊勢市. Of course, there is a Starbucks ターバックス, and there are large Japanese chains such as Komeda’s 珈琲所コメダ珈琲店, Motomachi 元町珈琲, or Lamp 珈琲屋らんぷ. We even have a relatively rare McDonald’s McCafé マックカフェ.

If you are looking for a unique place off the beaten path, though, give Nakamura Coffee なかむら珈房 a try.


Located in the beautiful and historical Kawasaki area of Ise, this coffee shop imports beans from several countries and roasts them on site.

Award Winning

The Nakamuras take their coffee seriously (#3 in Japan’s 2017 roasting championship), keeping meticulous notes on their work, visiting the coffee plantations themselves, and carefully sifting out the beans when you make a purchase.

Well-Known in the Region

I’ve seen people from the prefecture to drive over an hour or more just to visit the store, and it’s also made a name for itself in the region. You can pick up some coffee (ground or whole beans), get a take-away cup, or relax at a table.