The Oise-san Marathon お伊勢さんマラソン

Today I ran with one of the Kōgakkan University 皇學館大学 staff and faculty teams in the Ise Marathon お伊勢さんマラソン (the 5k distance). Thanks to the power of Anpanman (Bean-Bread Kid), who was riding shotgun on my hat, I was able to finish with a respectable time.

If you are ever planning a visit to Ise City 伊勢市 around December, think about timing it to coincide with the marathon. Ise’s a very walkable city, but you can take in a little more of it, and enjoy it in a completely different way while running with thousands of people (more than 8,000 participants this year) through town. You also get a bottle of Aquarius sports drink and a couple of delicious Akafuku 赤福 sweets at the end (of course, you could just pop into a store and buy them, but they’re a little more tasty if you have to run several kilometers for them).