Apple iOS 11 Beta: Kindle ベータ版:キンドル

I read a lot of Kindle books using the Kindle device (Voyage) and Kindle app (Apple). One thing that has long annoyed me about Kindle on the iPad is the lack of a split-screen view. You cannot, for example, open a plain-text app (I prefer Byword) on one side of the screen and the Kindle book on the other, so taking notes on books becomes quite a chore. The beta version of Apple’s iOS 11 has a convenient workaround for this problem.

Using the “Slide Over” feature, you can have a floating window for taking notes. Of course, because it is floating, you have to flick it from side to side as you move along through a book. It’s not enjoyable, to be sure, but Amazon has refused to support split-screen for years (since 2015?), so this might be the best solution available for a while.

The iOS 11 beta has generally been fine for my use, with the exception of:

  • The app “Imiwa?,” a free Japanese/English dictionary that hasn’t been updated for years and is not supported by iOS 11;
  • and Japanese parentheses, which freeze the iPad up for a few seconds, can’t be written, and sometimes make it impossible to switch back to the Japanese language without closing the app. Strangely, the parentheses fail everywhere but in Apple’s “Pages” app.