The Ruins of Shimomise Castle 下三瀬城跡、Misesaka Pass 三瀬坂峠

On July 2, 2017 I will be leading Kōgakkan University 皇學館大学 students and faculty on a historical tour of sites along the “Old Road of Kumano” 熊野古道. As we started heading south to Kumano, we’ll drive by this beautiful area that contains the remains of a fortress and another mountain pass on the Kumano Kodō.

If you look closely from the highway as you exit Funaki Tunnel (船木トンネル), you can see this red flag hanging out from the trees — it marks the edge of the castle, and gives you a sense of the expansive view it had over this river valley.

1. Explanation of the site (in Japanese)

2. Another explanation of the site (in Japanese)

3. Entrance to the fortress grounds

4. Panorama views

5. Shrine on the grounds