Japan-UK Comparative Culture Workshop: May 24, 2017 日英比較文化研究会

At our second meeting, on May 24, Mr. Mimura and Dr. Hayashi gave brief presentations about “Watarai” and “Yamato-hime no Mikoto.” After each presentation, we discussed them in terms of
content and style. At our next meeting (6/14), we will discuss the section of the 『伊勢志摩を歩く』 textbook about the Ise Road (5–8) and images of it. The lecture and discussion will be led by the art historian Okano Tomoko 岡野智子.

The image above is an llustration from the cover of a book published by one of the faculty at Kōgakkan University, Okada Noboru, about the route Yamato-hime took before she came to Ise and chose it as the final site to enshrine the deity Amaterasu (what we know of today as “Ise Jingū” or “Ise Shrine”).

The PDF below was a handout I prepared for the meeting.