A Walk through the Past with the Kōgakkan University Historical Society 皇學館大学史學會の歴史散歩

I have the honor and pleasure of being in charge of this year’s “Historical Walk” at Kōgakkan University. As a theme, I chose the “Old Road of Kumano” (熊野古道), a World Heritage Site in Mie Prefecture. The photo here was taken from the top of the “Demon’s Castle” (鬼ヶ城) looking out over the “Seven-league Beach” (七里御浜), the location of Hana no Iwaya Shrine (花の窟神社), the gravesite of the deity Izanami-no-mikoto (伊弉冊尊). According to one of Japan’s oldest texts, she joined with the deity Izanagi-no-mikoto (伊弉諾尊) to create the Japanese islands and many deities, but died giving birth to the fire deity, Kagutsuchi-no-mikoto (軻遇突智尊). Hana no Iwaya is said to be one of the oldest shrines in the Shinto tradition.


We’ll visit historical sites associated with it from ancient archeological sites to ones from the last few decades. I’ve put together this itinerary, and I’ll give explanations that day in Japanese and English, so it’ll be a great opportunity for participants to think about the sites in both languages. I’ll link other posts to this page with photos and explanations over the next couple of weeks.