Analogging the iPad (iPadのアナログ化)

You could say that I have one foot in the “silicone” present and another in the “dead tree” past. That is, I do a lot of “digital” work with my research and administrative activities at the university. But, I also do a lot of “analog” things with my note-taking, Japanese calligraphy, and reading of medieval manuscripts. In this analog post, I’ve created a PDF to share a few thoughts about how to combine “digital” and “analog” elements into a single workflow on the iPad.



Here is some of the equipment I have found useful, but all you really “need” is an iPad to bring together the digital and analog elements in your life.


Here are some of the most useful apps I have on my iPad (some of which I mentioned in the PDF above). Of course, your mileage may vary.

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