Slideshow Settings for Flashcards Deluxe

I’ve mentioned before that I really like the application Flashcards Deluxe (iOS and Android). One of my favorite features is the slideshow, which allows you to cycle through your flashcards without having to tap the screen for every single word.


The video below shows you how to set the slideshow up and customize it for your situation. I won’t go through all of the iterations, but these are the settings that I use (slideshow speed, font size, animation, card order, and first side of card).

スクリーンショット 2016-04-17 17.29.38

And, when you are finished, the app will be able to do a slideshow like the one in the video below. I modified the speed settings (2 for the prompt and 1 for the answer) so that I have time to look at the word prompt and respond before the answer flashes on the screen. This works out to roughly one flashcard every four seconds. Any faster than 1 and the audio won’t have time to play.

スクリーンショット 2016-04-17 17.26.50