Shingū City: Calligraphy in the Shingū City Exhibition 新宮市展の作品

Besides some calligraphy I displayed at the Kōgakkan University school festival this year, I also had a piece on display in Shingū City 新宮市 in Wakayama Prefecture.


This was another two-character piece, but this time I wrote in “seal style” 篆書 (tensho). From right to left it is read as “yō-yū” or “hitsuji aso-bu”: sheep (羊) and play (遊). It means “sheep at play” or, because this is the year of the sheep, it could be read to mean that we are at play this year.

For more of my calligraphy, see this post about shodō. The characters in this piece are ones I’ve written in the past — “sheep” from 2003 (the last year of the sheep) and “play” from 1998. It’s interesting to see how your handwriting changes over time.

Unfortunately, Shingū City appears to remove links to events after they happen. All I have is the screenshot below. If you happen to be in the area, Shingū is a great place to visit. I especially recommend the Kumano shrines (Hayatama, Hongū, and Nachi).