Kōgakkan University: Calligraphy in the School Festival 皇學館大学:倉陵祭の作品

Every year around this time, Kōgakkan University 皇學館大学 holds its school festival, called the “Sōryōsai” 倉陵祭. This year, I submitted a piece of calligraphy to put on display with the calligraphy club’s works.


It consists of two main characters written in the “scribe style” 隷書 (reisho) and read from right to left as “shū-sei” or “aki no koe”: autumn (秋) and voice/sound (声). I had in mind the lonely sounds of autumn like the crisp wind blowing against the shutters or the leaves rustling. In medieval poetry, the phrase was used to express a subtle and profound elegance called yūgen, a concept I’ve been fond of since being introduced to it as an undergraduate by one of my professors, Andrew Tsubaki (see his article on Zeami for more about yūgen).

On the left side of the paper, read from top to bottom, is my name “ku-ri-su” (Chris): nine (九) mile (里) state (洲). Finally, at the bottom is my seal, which is read right to left as “mei-yō” (Mayo): light (明) and sunshine (陽).

For more of my calligraphy, see this post about shodō.

The School Festival, or Sōryōsai

There was a lot more at the school festival besides my calligraphy. Check out the videos below for more.