Sharing Flashcards

Flashcards are pretty easy to make for yourself. I’ve written before about the benefits of doing this. Sharing flashcards with fellow students, though, can be a little bit difficult. Here are directions for making flashcards and sharing them using Dropbox and Flashcards Deluxe.



Here is a brief video to show how you install the flashcard application and sync it with data contained in a Dropbox account. I’ve found that it’s best to download and create an account in Dropbox (if you haven’t already) and close the app, then download the flashcard app and sync to create the app’s “sync” folder.

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1. Sync the Flashcard App with Your Dropbox Account

Create a Dropbox account and sync it with your Flashcards Deluxe app. The app will create a “Flashcards Deluxe” folder in Dropbox.



2. Make flashcards

Instead of a phone, I recommend using a computer to make flashcards. A: Create a text file using Notepad (on Windows) or TextEdit (Mac). B: Type the English word. C: Use the tab key. D: Type the Japanese word. E: Press the enter key. The final file should look something like this (the triangle indicates a “tab”).


3. Save the File into Dropbox

Create a folder for vocabulary files that you can share with others. After you add the flashcards, share the folder with your friends, fellow students, etc.

4. Move the File

Join the shared folder. Open Dropbox on your mobile device. Move the file from the original shared folder into the Sync folder in your “Flashcards Deluxe” folder.




5. Sync the File

Open the flashcard app and sync the file. Now you are ready to study!