Shintō Podcast (BBC) 神道のポッドキャスト(BBC)

Janak Rogers visited Kōgakkan University 皇學館大学 and Ise Jingū 伊勢神宮 this summer as part of a podcast series he was doing for BBC’s Heart and Soul program. Below are links to three podcasts from Heart and Soul that might be of interest to people who want to learn more about Shintō or the role of religious and cultural practice in current debates about Japan’s military (the last two were produced by Janak Rogers).

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Shintō (BBC Heart and Soul)
December 2011

00:00– Introduction
01:40– What is Shintō? (Martin Palmer)
02:37– Kami (Martin Palmer)
05:28– Before Shintō / Early Shintō (Richard Bowring)
08:45– Relationship between Buddhism and Shintō (Lucia Dolce)
10:20– The Kojiki and Nihonshoki (Lucia Dolce)
11:45- Amaterasu and other key figures in Shintō (Martin Palmer)
15:15- Creation (Richard Bowring)
16:15– Codes (Richard Bowring)
16:48– Purity and Pollution (Lucia Dolce)
17:15– Role of Shrines (Lucia Dolce)
17:58- Rituals (Martin Palmer)
20:25– Meiji Restoration and Shintō (Martin Palmer)
22:39– Industrialization, Meiji, and Shintō (Richard Bowring)
24:08– Fascism and Shintō (Martin Palmer, Lucia Dolce, and Richard Bowring)
25:07– WWII Aftermath (Richard Bowring and Lucia Dolce)
25:50– Peace and Shintō (Martin Palmer)

Buddhism, Shinto and ‘Proactive Pacifism’ Heart and Soul, Buddhism, Shinto and ‘Proactive Pacifism’ Episode 1 of 2

00:00– Sōka Gakkai
01:12– Pacifism Comments
02:00– Background about Buddhism (Sōka Gakkai)
06:32– Article 9, Abe, and Conservatism
10:01– Collective Self-Defense and Legal Revisions
11:45– Opposition / Supporters
16:05– Sōka Gakkai and Support for Laws
23:00– Activism and Faith

Buddhism, Shinto and ‘Proactive Pacifism’ Heart and Soul, Buddhism, Shinto and ‘Proactive Pacifism’ Episode 2 of 2

01:00– Ise Shrine, Shintō, and Religion
06:00– State Shintō (Sakurai Haruo 櫻井治男 of Kōgakkan University)
07:15– State Shintō and War
07:50– Yasukuni Shrine
15:25– The “Shintō Lobby”
17:45– Abe Speech
20:00– Shintō Groups and Peace Movement
21:15– International Role in Future
22:10– The Emperor
23:45– Practice in Daily Life