Canterbury: Running Courses カンタベリー:ランニングコース

I had the opportunity in August to spend a few weeks wandering the streets of Canterbury while some of the students from Kōgakkan University 皇學館大学 studied at the University of Kent. During that time, I tried to run different courses through the town to get in a bit of exercise (sometimes the students would take time out of their busy schedules to join me). I was aiming for triple digits, but I only managed to log 80 kilometers by the end of our stay. That’s not a huge amount, especially for my triathlon teammates, but perhaps it still qualifies as a humblebrag.


5K Route

This is a nice, short run from the University of Kent down to Canterbury Cathedral (this Google link will let you visit inside the cathedral) and back. It takes you through the expansive grounds of the university, a neighborhood, and into a beautiful part of the city.

(5K route from the University of Kent to Canterbury Cathedral)

(Canterbury Cathedral viewed from the dining hall at the University of Kent)

(Canterbury Cathedral lit up after dark)

7K Route

This 7k run takes you around the outer walls of Canterbury by St. Augustine’s Abbey and Canterbury Castle. It sounds scenic, and it is in places, but you also end up running on some rather uninteresting roads. A few modifications to this will take you through some of the streets within the Canterbury walls and give you a bit more of a pleasant view, but it is a little more difficult to navigate until you are familiar with the city.

(7K route from the University of Kent around Canterbury)

(Canterbury Castle)

10K Route

This is a long route from the University of Kent to Whitstable that I never tried, because 20K (round trip) is a little bit beyond my abilities. However, when I thought about it later, I realized that I could have run out there and taken the bus back. I’ll have to do this one next time I visit Canterbury.

(10K route from the University of Kent to Whitstable)

(Whitstable Castle — home of the best scones I have ever eaten)