Primary Sources Online ネット上で公開されている一次史料

This is a table of contents for several posts I am making about Japanese primary sources available on the Internet. At the moment, the coverage and selection of sources is related to anything that I happen to stumble across in the course of doing my own research. The sources I choose usually fulfill one of the following criteria: they are particularly significant; I find them interesting; or they are well-annotated and useful for study. There are, of course, many wonderful primary source databases available on the Internet, and I am working on a list of those as well.


Ancient 古代 (until ca. 12th century)

Medieval 中世 (ca. 12th to 16th century)

Early Modern 近世 (ca. 17th to 19th century)

Modern 近代 (1868 to 1945)

Contemporary 現代 (1945 to present-day)