Primary Source: Records of Wei and Tales of the Japanese People 一次史料:魏志倭人伝

The Gishiwajinden 魏志倭人伝 (Records of Wei and Tales of the Japanese People) is the name that has been given to a description of Japan from the Weizhi 魏志 (Records of Wei), the first part of the Sanguozhi 三国志 (Records of the Three Kingdoms), a Chinese history written at the end of the third century. It is one of the earliest surviving written records about Japan.

(Photo Credit: The Imperial Household Agency 宮内庁)

Online Source

A version of the Sanguozhi 三国志 (Records of the Three Kingdoms) that was published in twelfth-century China is held by the Imperial Household Agency 宮内庁 and can be viewed online. The Tales of the Japanese People begins on page 49.

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Why Am I Posting This?

This is one of several posts I plan to make about Japanese primary sources available on the Internet, a project I have had on the back burner for a few years now. At the moment, the coverage and selection of sources is related to anything that I happen to stumble across in the course of doing my own research. It is, therefore, neither comprehensive nor especially well-organized, but my hope is that other people will benefit from having this information compiled here: the people and institutions who expended the time and effort to upload the sources will see an increase in traffic; more people from outside the field of Japanese studies will have an opportunity to see fascinating original sources that would otherwise be unavailable to them due to language constraints or low search ranking by Google; and researchers might be able to make use of these materials in their work.