Online Primary Source Collections for Pre-Modern Japanese History 日本史の前近代的な一次史料のデータベース

There are a lot of Japanese primary sources on the Internet now, and the amount is increasing every day, but it can be difficult to find things, because the content is squirreled away in different nooks and crannies on the Web. I’ve been collecting some useful databases here as I come across them. It’s a work in progress that gets updated whenever I have time to spare for it.


Ideally, we could download digital copies of the sources onto our own hard drives, where a single search would enable us to look through everything at once in whatever way we like. However, very few sites provide this kind of access. As a consequence, you may have to spend some time overcoming the idiosyncrasies of each search engine, and you will rarely be able to conduct complex searches. Nevertheless, these are invaluable resources, and compared to what we had available even just a few years ago, it is a huge step forward to have them online at all.

Sometimes, I single out sources that I think are especially significant, well-annotated, or somehow more useful to view on their own — these are categorized and tagged as Primary Sources 一次史料. A table of contents for these posts is here.

Databases / Source Collections