The 2014 Sunrise Iwata Triathlon サンライズイワタ2014in竜洋大会

Thanks to the hard work of volunteers and support staff, the Sunrise Iwata Triathlon went off without a hitch. It was a great experience, especially racing my bike on the Suzuki test track, the only part of the race I wished could have been longer.

(Photo credit: Yamamoto En)

As you can see in the photo above, I’ve got my thumbs up, so I’m doing OK at the end, though I’m moving forward at what could probably be generously described as a slow jog.

According the triathlon results for my group (the shorter, B course), I did pretty well in the first two parts of the race. However, even after trying to conserve my energy in the swimming and biking, the running took its toll on me. After another year of training, hopefully I’ll be able to more closely approximate “running” and join the A course (about 90km total).

  1. Swim 1km = 0:15:23 (#14)
  2. Bike 37km = 1:13:42 (#44)
  3. Run 10km = 1:17:19 (#137)

Below is a photo of the Circle-KK team. As expected, the other three members did a great job, especially with the running, which I got to see firsthand whenever they passed me!

(Photo credit: Yamamoto En)