Aquathlon Training アクアスロンのトレーニング

The Shima Sports Commission 志摩スポーツコミッション held an Aquathlon at Hamajima in Mie Prefecture last weekend, and I think everyone who joined it had a great time. We received some excellent coaching from the staff and they made sure that both children and adults could get something out of the event.

The last time I trained at Hamajima I wore a wetsuit and I felt like I had an easy time doing a kilometer or two at a nice pace. The flock of “mamils” (Middle Aged Men in Lycra) in the photo below were members of the Circle-KK team who were spotted coming out of hibernation for a mock triathlon back in June (I’m the pudgy one).

(Photo credit: Yamamoto En)

This time, I swam in the ocean without a wetsuit and felt pretty exhausted, even though it may not have been a kilometer in total. Then, we ran on the sand (not even two kilometers?) and that was tiring as well. I think I’m a little out of shape, but also not used to swimming and running this way. I suppose, if you are training for triathlons or aquathlons, you’ll want to work out in as many environments as possible. At the very least, you’ll benefit from training different muscle groups.

Circle-KK got together this morning to run in the sand along the beach in Ise bay. There’s nothing like riding through the creeping dawn to meet a sunrise over the ocean.

(Photo credit: Yamamoto En)

I guess the sand is good for me, and it does seem a little less demanding on my joints, but I prefer running on solid ground.

Only a few days left until the triathlon!