Triathlon Training トライアスロンのトレーニング

This morning, a few of us in Ise, Japan woke up at the crack of dawn to run about 7 kilometers along the river.

(Photo credit: Yamamoto En)

Two of us have plenty of motivation for waking up so early to run — we are preparing for a triathlon later this month. The rest of the Circle-KK group members are there because they actually seem to enjoy running. It’s difficult for me to imagine that.

(Photo credit: Yamamoto En)

In the photo above, that’s me jumping up in the air. It’s easy to be that energetic when you’ve only gone a couple of kilometers!

Besides all of the training (I’ll write more on that later), there is one thing you might want to think about if you are interested in trying a triathlon.

Triathlons Are A Little Expensive

You’ll want to have money on hand for equipment, entry fees, hotels, and so forth. It’ll cost a thousand dollars, maybe even two or three for a road bike, 300 for a wetsuit (required for triathlons in Japan), 100 for shoes, 100 for clothing (triathlon pants and top), 100 for the hotel (stay overnight at the race location), and 30 or so for swimwear (goggles and a cap). Fortunately, most of this (the bike and other gear) is mainly an initial investment, and a lot of it will last you several years. And, of course, there is nothing quite like riding a well-designed bike that fits you perfectly (if you are in Japan, I can’t recommend the KK bike shop ケーケー山本自転車 enough).

If this amount looks a little intimidating, or you are unsure if you plan to do it long-term, then an “aquathlon アクアスロン” (swimming and running) might be your thing. I’ll be entering one of these in a couple of weeks and I’ll try and post my comments about that sometime.