Grinnell: Snowmen and Snowcreatures

Here’s something to do in Grinnell: make stuff out of snow! Winter is here and what could be better than populating the campus with snowmen and snowcreatures? Below are two that I came across this morning. They are a little worse for wear after the fifty-degree day we had yesterday.

The first one is a large cat of some sort (let’s call it a Lannister Lion). I couldn’t quite make out what kind of beverage it is enjoying, but it is probably best if I don’t know.

The second one is a bear (let’s call it a Mormont Bear). If you look closely, you can make out his ears and his mouth hanging open in a sad scream while he melts away. The unknown creature next to the bear was holding sticks yesterday.

In a week or two, all of this snow may be gone. However, we are supposed to get snow tonight. If I have time tomorrow, maybe I’ll contribute a sculpture of my own!

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