Grinnell: Interview in the Scarlett and Black

Here’s something to do in Grinnell: get interviewed for the school paper! Yishi Liang interviewed me a few days ago for the weekly Grinnell College newspaper, Scarlet & Black. The paper printed it in Volume 130, Issue 14, on page 13, beneath the fold with a photo by Aaron Juarez. An online version of it exists as well. They both did a great job on the article, and I appreciate their including me in the newspaper!

As I mentioned in the article, I am only at Grinnell for this academic year, and I will leave for a new position in the spring at Kōgakkan University (皇學館大学) in Ise City (伊勢市), Japan. I would link to more informative sites about Kōgakkan, but I couldn’t find many in English. I plan to address that problem over the next few months in future blog posts.